Friday, July 15, 2011

Grandkids - such JOY!

Today I just want to share a few pictures of some of my grandkids. You've seen the Gramma day posts where Kamili and Makai and I painted - so I wanted to show you those finished projects after being fired. Here is the little puppy Kai and I painted -

And here's that cutie pie Kai modeling with it - Here's the "Frankenstein" kitty Kamili and I painted - And my other cutie pie Kamili modeling with it - Finally - I wanted to share this picture of a third cutie pie of mine - Paisley. Paisley has a ton of beautiful, but very frizzy and kinky hair - after a bath before Jenee fixes it, it is just a huge afro. But she spent some time with her Auntie Diana this weekend, who took the time to blow dry, flat iron and curl her hair and this is how it currently looks. Isn't she beautiful. It won't last and she loves it - so Jenee is going to try and do it more often for her. I think she's lovely no matter what. I'm missing all my little kiddos while at Convention - can't wait to get back home and see them.

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