Monday, July 11, 2011

My "Gramma" Day with Makai

So recently I had my "Gramma" day with Makai - we had such a good time. We started out with breakfast with Makai, me and "Papa". My hubby is always jealous of me having a day with the kids, as he as to work, but this time he was off work and joined us for part of it. And because Kamili really wanted time with Papa too - we started the day at "Eggs and Things", all four of us, but of course - I forgot to get a picture :( Then we dropped Kamili off at her home, and Papa off at ours and Kai and I headed to the Mall. Here she is riding in the little toy rides. Next we headed over to the Paint A Dream store - she wanted to paint a puppy dog to go with Kamili's kitty from last month.

Here she is with her puppy "Clyde" just like her real puppy -

After painting we headed to ths store for a little shopping, then lunch at McDonald's. (her choice of course.) Then to our house where we watched Pocohontas (her fav), and sat and cuddled and played.

Finally we stopped by the Frozen Yougurt place to pick up yougurt and Gummy Bears for her and brother and sis. So very much fun!! Kai is a bundle of energy and a ton of laughs - she had me in stitches most of the day. Love you Kai, Kai!!

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