Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Sheet Wonder - edited at bottom of post

Because of my upcoming out of state move - last week was my last club :( here is Southern Cal. after 8 years of club :(  Very bitter sweet - these ladies are great -and hopefully we'll get to stamp together again.  So I wanted them to do something a little special and thought a set of cards using the OSW technique would be just the ticket.  This is such a fun technique. Soon I'll share the diagram for cutting the pieces - but now just want to share the four cards we made -
And then to complete the project we put the cards and envelopes in a clear plastic box and finished it off with a matching belly band.  The ladies used a few different designs of the SAB Best Day Ever DSP.  So you can see the cards above used one design and the box below used a different design.  But they all looked great.  You can also tell I took the picture below at night in bad lighting - the colors are a bit washed out - sorry!  But hopefully you get the idea.
The 1" strip of DSP was not long enough to go completely around the box this way, so it is adhered to each side of the square layers on the back.  If you're doing this you want to not make it too tight that you cannot slide it off, or too loose that it just falls down - so be careful with that part.  I love making coordinated sets with OSW - as they look great when they are finished - perfect to use or give as a gift.  See you soon!!! ~Maureen
Hi all - after posting I found this "better" picture of the set all put together - here you can see more true colors - nice huh!!

Here are the products I used to create this set of cards -

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Refrigerator calendar tutorial ---

So I finally finished all the little magnetic calendars for my downline - I cannot believe it has taken me this long.  I did get them out to my first downline and a few of my second downline in a pretty timely fashion - at least it was still January - but the rest - SORRY - at least most of the year is still left!  But I really do think you are all AMAZING!  They are ALL in the mail now.
So from my Instagram and Facebook postings on these - I have gotten so much response.  They really are very simple to make - but I've had some requests for a tutorial - so here are  at least some tips.  Below is basically everything you need.
The measurements I used to make these are - Base is 4x4"; White Base is 3.75x3.75"; Layer for behind calendar is 3 1/8x 1 5/8" and the little calendar is 3x1.5".  I purchased the calendars online and I know there are several sources for them.  If you do a search I'm sure you'll find them - or email  me and I'll be glad to share where I got mine.  Everything is just put together with two-sided tape and glue dots.  Add a few gems and Voila!
On the back I put a magnet so they can put this up on their fridge.  I actually used some "real estate agent" magnets I had (sorry agents) and just cut them in half (they were business card size) - you can see a blank one above and I know you can buy these at office supply stores.  You can also you the rolls of 1/2" magnet that you can get at  the craft stores.  These calendars are pretty lightweight, so it does not take a lot to hold them up.
I did make a mistake on a few of them, and made them a 1/4" larger - which became a problem when I tried to mail - as they were too big (see image below), so I had to finagle the envelope a bit to fit those.
Finally, these were the ones the first group of ladies got  - two different colors - but I really like them both.  Also one the second round I could not find my small butterfly punch - so they just got two large butterflies.  That's my crafting style - use what I have and adapt as I go.  Works for me.
Hope you enjoyed - please let me know your thoughts and questions.   And if you happen to make some - please send me a picture - I'd love to see them!! ~Maureen
Here are some of the Stampin' Up! products I used -

Monday, February 16, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Zamarah turns "5"

I cannot believe it - but this little cutie turned "5" today!  I so remember sitting in the hospital with Jenee all  day on Valentine's Day 2010 - just waiting for her arrival.  Jenee so wanted a Valentine's baby - but Zamarah in true fashion had a mind of her own and didn't arrive till the 15th.  But what a little blessing she is to our family.
Since this sweetheart is over in Arizona - we had to send our gifts off to her along with some Valentine goodies for all the kids and Jenee.  Fortunately they arrived on time and here she is with her haul on Valentine's day.  Just look how happy!!
This morning when she got up - this is what Jenee had awaiting her.  She had mentioned the day before to Jenee that maybe when she came down the stairs everyone would be hiding behind the couches and jump out and say "SURPRISE!!" but Jenee assured her that would not happen - so I guess this was the next best thing.
And even though this last picture is a little blurry I have to share - because this is this little one's personality to a tee - she keeps us all on her toes wondering what she will do or say next.
Zamarah - just know that Papa and I are sooooo thankful for you and pray God will bless your little life, keep you safe, and lead you in His ways.  Can't wait to see you soon!!  Love you so, Gramma

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lovin' the LOVE

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I was blessed to have my daughter's family swing by with this beautiful plant (love tulips) and card.  Really made my day.  But what I wanted to share was this adorable card.  

And when you unfold the card above - it becomes this beautiful heart - Heidi - you are so creative!! 
Hope your day was special too.  Don't forget to check out the Paper Pumpkin special listed below.  See you soon ~Maureen

Friday, February 13, 2015

Feel the LOVE this weekend with this Paper Pumpkin Special and a Valentine from ME!

"Feel the LOVE" weekend special - and what do I love you ask?  Our monthly creative kit in the gorgeous orange box - My Paper Pumpkin!  (See pictures at bottom of this blog.)  This kit comes to you monthly - complete and ready to go - for an hour or so of CREATIVE bliss.  It is perfect to do with a friend, a child or even a grandchild.
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Here is a picture of some of our recent kits.
Wonderful FUN in a box!
My most recent treats - handed these out at work and they were a HIT!
 SOOOOOO what are you waiting for - subscribe now and get ready for THREE months of CREATIVE fun!!  If you still have any questions - contact me - I'll be happy to answer :)  ~Maureen

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Best Laid Plans...

That is what I had with these calendars I made and mailed out to my downline - I was not going to post here until I got them all out, but at the rate I'm going it will be 2016 :(   I did send them to my first level downline and most of my second level - but ....... then life got in the way.  Now I am hoping tomorrow to make up the rest and get them out.
So this was my first batch - I really like them, and hope they do too.
And they are for on the FRIDGE - just added a strip of magnet to the back.  I don't get to tell them enough - but they are AMAZING.
So wish me well - so I can get these out tomorrow and the ladies will get them to still use in February :)
See you soon - Maureen

Monday, February 9, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Life makes me happy!!

For those following my blog - you know that occasionally I post personal posts - because this blog has become such a fun place for me to go back through posts and reminisce.  So I've taken to trying to contain those posts mostly on Mondays - and I give the disclaimer Personal Post Monday - so if you're not interested in my personal life - don't read on - but please come back for future creative posts.
So there is a lot going on in my life - my kiddos now in two different states, Paul and I getting ready to retire, listing the house, getting ready to move, transitioning my Stampin' Up! business and just life in general.  Sometimes it can really overwhelm me - but I try to practice thankfulness and joy in all circumstances - and I am so blessed it doesn't take much to find those.  So I wanted to share some simple things that bring me joy.  First - I LOVE COFFEE - I know you all know that - but I just really like saying it.  And I LOVE Coffee mugs - have a ton of them.  This beautiful one is from my only sister, Sharon and it brings a smile to my face every time I use it.
It starts out with the black images in the first picture - but when I add my hot coffee - these are what I get - isn't it lovely.  Just a little "coffee" magic to make me think of my sis -and that makes me HAPPY!
Another thing that really brings me joy is God's creation around me - and clouds are one of my favorite things.  I have soooo many pictures of the sky and clouds and I am sure I will continue to take them.  Here are a couple I took recently from my front porch. 
Love that beauty - just makes me HAPPY!!
And finally today - I'm sharing some of favorite people - not all though as Jenee and her kiddos are in Arizona and I miss them terribly - but I do get to see these four little adorable faces on a regular basis.  This past weekend Papa and I had the four King kids overnight, and pretty much the overnight ritual always includes this big yellow bowl full of popcorn (Papa's and the kids favorite treat).  Just look at my handsome hubby and those beautiful kids - talk about making me HAPPY!
So I leave you today in the midst of my stress, and tiredness, and yes, a bum knee that I get to see the orthopedist about this week - with this thought ~ Look around you and take time to find happiness and joy in the little things!!  Any day with a smile on your face is a good day! Thanks for stopping by - see you soon!! ~Maureen