Monday, February 9, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Life makes me happy!!

For those following my blog - you know that occasionally I post personal posts - because this blog has become such a fun place for me to go back through posts and reminisce.  So I've taken to trying to contain those posts mostly on Mondays - and I give the disclaimer Personal Post Monday - so if you're not interested in my personal life - don't read on - but please come back for future creative posts.
So there is a lot going on in my life - my kiddos now in two different states, Paul and I getting ready to retire, listing the house, getting ready to move, transitioning my Stampin' Up! business and just life in general.  Sometimes it can really overwhelm me - but I try to practice thankfulness and joy in all circumstances - and I am so blessed it doesn't take much to find those.  So I wanted to share some simple things that bring me joy.  First - I LOVE COFFEE - I know you all know that - but I just really like saying it.  And I LOVE Coffee mugs - have a ton of them.  This beautiful one is from my only sister, Sharon and it brings a smile to my face every time I use it.
It starts out with the black images in the first picture - but when I add my hot coffee - these are what I get - isn't it lovely.  Just a little "coffee" magic to make me think of my sis -and that makes me HAPPY!
Another thing that really brings me joy is God's creation around me - and clouds are one of my favorite things.  I have soooo many pictures of the sky and clouds and I am sure I will continue to take them.  Here are a couple I took recently from my front porch. 
Love that beauty - just makes me HAPPY!!
And finally today - I'm sharing some of favorite people - not all though as Jenee and her kiddos are in Arizona and I miss them terribly - but I do get to see these four little adorable faces on a regular basis.  This past weekend Papa and I had the four King kids overnight, and pretty much the overnight ritual always includes this big yellow bowl full of popcorn (Papa's and the kids favorite treat).  Just look at my handsome hubby and those beautiful kids - talk about making me HAPPY!
So I leave you today in the midst of my stress, and tiredness, and yes, a bum knee that I get to see the orthopedist about this week - with this thought ~ Look around you and take time to find happiness and joy in the little things!!  Any day with a smile on your face is a good day! Thanks for stopping by - see you soon!! ~Maureen

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