Monday, February 16, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Zamarah turns "5"

I cannot believe it - but this little cutie turned "5" today!  I so remember sitting in the hospital with Jenee all  day on Valentine's Day 2010 - just waiting for her arrival.  Jenee so wanted a Valentine's baby - but Zamarah in true fashion had a mind of her own and didn't arrive till the 15th.  But what a little blessing she is to our family.
Since this sweetheart is over in Arizona - we had to send our gifts off to her along with some Valentine goodies for all the kids and Jenee.  Fortunately they arrived on time and here she is with her haul on Valentine's day.  Just look how happy!!
This morning when she got up - this is what Jenee had awaiting her.  She had mentioned the day before to Jenee that maybe when she came down the stairs everyone would be hiding behind the couches and jump out and say "SURPRISE!!" but Jenee assured her that would not happen - so I guess this was the next best thing.
And even though this last picture is a little blurry I have to share - because this is this little one's personality to a tee - she keeps us all on her toes wondering what she will do or say next.
Zamarah - just know that Papa and I are sooooo thankful for you and pray God will bless your little life, keep you safe, and lead you in His ways.  Can't wait to see you soon!!  Love you so, Gramma

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