Monday, July 4, 2011

Lake Tahoe Vacation

Hi All - this last week has been so busy - I'll be catching you up with personal posts and some Stamping posts over the next few days. First of all Paul and I took a week off work to take a vacation to celebrate our 35th anniversary. I can hardly believe that we have been married that long - lots of good times - some not so good - but through everything we have grown closer and happier and more secure in each other's love. What could be better. God has richly blessed us. So we headed off to Lake Tahoe for a few days - what amazing beauty! Here is what greeted us behind our hotel room.We spent a day driving around the Lake and taking in all the beautiful sites, while learning a little of the history of the area. We spent part of the day in the Olympic Village at Squaw Valley - here's my sweetie posing on the giant chair there. Reminds me of the skits with Lilly Tomlin on Laugh-in. I know - I'm dating myself there.One evening we took a dinner cruise around the Lake. It was amazingly beautiful. Storms were rolling in, and the sky was gray. Here is the sun peeking through and sending down beautiful rays of light. It was absolutely lovely. There was live music, and the food was delish.Then we were coming around the corner from our hotel room when I got a whiff on the wind of my favorite smell in all the world - LILACS!! And here they are in all their glory. Besides my family, I think they are the one this I miss the most from living in the mid-west. We've been thinking about retiring in Prescott, AZ some day, and hubby told me we can grow lilacs there - SOLD :)

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Shari Winterstein said...

Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary! These are beautiful pictures. I especially am fond of the one with the lilacs. I miss lilacs where we live. We had three huge bushes and a TREE that had deep purple lilacs. Every spring my husband would break out in allergies and I would be in heaven with the fragrance. Thanks for blessing my day and bringing back sweet smelling memories. :)