Monday, July 25, 2011

Convention - Amazing Convention!!

July 13 - 16 a group of us "Crazy Stamping" ladies flew to Salt Lake City for the annual convention and what a great time we had - Julie, Christel, Theresa, Heidi, Maria and I all roomed at the same hotel and that meant very little sleep :) The first thing we did as soon as we arrived is SLC and dropped our luggage off was head to the Convention Center and get our bags - we're always excited to see what SU is giving us - and this year they did fantastic. Look at this beautiful bag - it's solid and slight squared off so is perfect for a tote or even lunch. And look at the beautiful embroidery on the front to match our "Grow" theme, and I love the "Grow" tag hanging from the zipper.We all just sat directly down on the floor and went through it - sooooo much fun! Here are Heidi and Maria getting out their nametags, etc. As I mentioned earlier the theme was "Grow" - here is the stage the first day - every day the colors on the stage changed, and additional flowers and foliage were added to the stage. It was amazing and beautiful to watch. The only other "Crazy Stamping" lady to attend was Diane and she was fortunate enough to be a Make and Take helper. Here she is helping out at our session and sharing a laugh with Heidi and Christel.

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