Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings - my style!

I love Sunday mornings - I love God - I love coffee - I love family - I love stamping and thus begins a new feature of my blog - Sunday Morning Musings.  Blog posts that will cover these topics and more - but probably - mostly COFFEE - 
No - really - I think it is.  I drink a minimum of 2 pots of coffee a day.  And my favorite flavor of coffee - is coffee flavored coffee :).  I own over 200 coffee mugs, I never ever ever run out of coffee.  I carry instant BOLD coffee packets in my purse to add to restaurant coffee.  I absolutely love chocolate covered coffee beans.   I have my original Starbucks Gol card when they were still black, not gold, and when I go into Starbucks the baristas are always amazed by it.  Hmmmm - is that enough evidence?  So as I sit here this morning doing my Bible study, drinking an amazing cup of French Roast coffee, and getting ready for church - I am praising God for the deliciousness of coffee (among many other blessings).  

So as far as stamping - I wanted to share an adorable tea bag holder (I need to adapt it to hold the Starbucks VIA packets - watch for that in the future.)  Here's a preview of it - 
Just click HERE for full details and I'll see you next Sunday with more musings!  ~Maureen

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