Monday, January 11, 2016

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Paisley

So finally got a chance for another Gramma Day - starting through the crew again with Paisley.  We are started out our day with lunch at Red Robin, I only took one picture and when I looked at it at home it was so blurry :(  But we had a delightful lunch - good food and chatting and laughing.  Love the sweetness in this girl - I do Gramma Day for her - but she makes me feel so special.  After lunch she wanted to paint - so off we went to a local clay store.  Here she is working on her project.
 More artistry -
You have to leave the pieces and pick up a few days later so they can glaze and fire them - so here she is posing with her piece a few days later.
And a close up of her adorable little dragon.  She did a great job!  After painting we went to a couple stores - picked up a treat for her brother and sister and headed home.
Had a great time with you honey - looking forward to our next special day!  ~Gramma

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