Monday, January 25, 2016

Personal Post Monday! Gramma Day with Zamarah!

So I had Gramma Day with my 3rd grandchild for this round - Miss Zamarah!  Gramma days are really some of my favorite days!  Her Mommy, my daughter, Jenee - wanted to tag along - so it was the three of us!  Here they are enjoying our trip for lunch to Golden Corral. 
Zam ate amazing - which is not the norm for her, as she eats so little - but here she could pick all her favorites.  Plus she has a sweet tooth, and she could get whatever she wanted for dessert if she ate good - and she did!
Here she is with her dessert choices - and she ate every bit of it.  She and I share a passion for Cotton Candy!  So we love Golden Corral for that reason alone.
 After she ate hers - we got another to share - yum!!!!
Then it was off to the painting studio - she chose this little kitty to paint - and took her work very seriously.
I decided to paint my self a coffee travel mug and Jenee painted a tray!
Here she is with her finished project - she did a great job!!  The kitty looks like it has a mustache - so Zam said it was a French kitty!
Jenee painted the tray below to put jewelry in.
And I painted a Crazy Stamping Lady Mug with my favorite color for the lid - Yellow!
 Fun stuff -
And a fun day with Zamarah and her Mom!  Can't wait till next time Miss Z!! Love you oodles. ~Gramma

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