Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beautiful Thank you!! Bringing back birthdays!

Gotta share this beautiful "thank you" note from my daughter, Heidi.  It was unexpected and really made my day - just reminded me of what it means to get a handmade card in the mail. 
So in the spirit of handmade cards - here is what I posted on my personal facebook page and am posting again -
I love to make cards, send cards and receive cards. So for 2016 - I am joining Shannon West in sending a REAL, hand stamped birthday card to everyone that sends me their birthday and address. My email link is on the right sidebar.  Shannon West, a Training Manager at Stampin' Up!, had a wonderful idea to send a birthday card to everyone who responded to her post. She thinks (and I agree) that Facebook has ruined birthday cards, so she wants to change that. She is inspiring MANY people to send REAL cards in the mail and using the hashtag. ‪#‎imbringingbirthdaysback‬. If your birthday was already this year - still send it please - I can always send a late card! 
Stampingly, Maureen

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