Monday, February 1, 2016

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Kamili!

So - being in Arizona - it has been a bit of a challenge getting Gramma Days in - but I'm doing it.  Last trip I had a day with this little beauty - Miss Kamili.  Drove to So. Cal. and got there just at the end of the school day.  Picked up Kamili and took her to her dance class.  Then we headed to the Mall - here she is doing a couple of her dance moves for me on the planter at the mall :)
This girl wanted to shop, so off we headed to Claire's for a cell phone cover and some earrings, then we went to Justice and she picked out this cute top.  So we had to do a quick change after purchasing it, as she wanted to wear it.  Kamili is a little fashionista - all about the clothes, hair, etc.  So glad we had this time to shop together.
She is also my foodie - and she wanted to have Clam Chowder - so we headed off to Panera Bread where she could get it in a bread bowl.  She loved it and ate every drop as well as part of the bowl. 
I hated to even post the picture below as it shows just how exhausted I was after driving all day long.  But it was a picture with Kamili and a memory of the day - so I'll put my vanity aside.  Besides - look how adorable Kamili looks - no one is going to be looking at me.
After dinner, we went and got Ice Cream for the family at Coldstone -with a side of gummy bears and headed home.  What a delightful evening with an even more delightful girl.  Three Gramma days with three more kiddos, before I start the cycle again.  So blessed to have these special times with them.  Love you sweetie!  ~Gramma

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