Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday morning (or afternoon) musings....

So - you've all heard of a coffee break (needed multiple times each day) - well this week I had a coffee pot break.  We had out of state company and I was brewing a pot of coffee for an afternoon break when we smelled this horrible hot wiring smell.  You know the one - it is awful - and after checking everywhere we narrowed it down to my coffee pot :(  So out it in the trash it went!
Fortunately I still had a back-up French Press - so out it came.  We ordered a new Melitta coffee maker yesterday - but it won't be here till Friday - so till then French Press it is.  I love the taste - it's just a little more work and for the amount of coffee I drink each day that equals a lot more work.  So this  afternoon I'm enjoying my coffee from this pretty mug that Heidi designed for me. She made it with Sharpie markers and my favorite color, yellow.
Yesterday I was so excited as my Orchid blossomed.  I actually thought I had killed it when all the blossoms dropped and it was just a stick.  But a little over a week ago buds began to appear - and yesterday I woke to this!
Here's a close-up - I think it is sooooo beautiful!
Finally for today, I don't think I ever shared the cute little Valentine I sent off to my mother-in-law.  It was made using the January Paper Pumpkin kit from Stampin' Up!  I love how it turned out -
and little miss Zamarah used the rest of my kit to make her Valentine's for her classmates.
Hope your weekend has been wonderful - enjoy the rest of your Sunday - and I'll see you soon! ~Maureen

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