Monday, November 26, 2012

Gingerbread House Decorating Day!!

So those of you who are facebook friends know this past Sunday was our annual Graham Cracker Gingerbread House decorating day.  This is such a fun tradition with the grandkids - I look forward to it every year.  So here's the table set with fun decorating stuff -
and of course the houses :) If you want to see how we made the little houses - there are pictures and directions HERE.
Let the decorating begin - 
Makai, Heidi, Zavian and Prince
Prince, Jenee and Zamarah
Kamili and Paisley
And here are the proud creators and their final creations -
And my girls also had to get in on the action -
Then each year we take a picture of the kids with Gramma - we snapped about 15 pictures - which all ended up being craziness - here are just a couple of them -
Crazy smiles on some of those kids and I wasn't expecting the rabbit ears!!
More crazy looks - if I could photoshop I could probably come up with one great picture - but this definitely shows personalities!!
The rest of the day was great - spent some time doing Wii dance while the Turkey Dumpling 
Soup finished - then all sat down to a great lunch!  The kids especially love the dumplings - which were my Mom's (GRAMMA O's) recipe and one of my favorites.  So easy I'll share here - first make your soup - chicken stock, turkey, carrots, celery, peas, potatoes - whatever veggies you want, season with pepper.  Cook till all veggies are tender. In a bowl mix 1/2 stick melted butter with 1 cup flour and 1 egg, pinch of salt, 1/2 t black pepper. Stir till mixed will lose it's stickiness. (You can double or triple this if you want more dumplings)  Bring soup to a boil, break off walnut sized pieces and drop into boiling soup - cook at least 10 minutes - I like to cook mine longer - about 1/2 hour so they really get the flavor of the stock.  TIP - if you soup is already salty - leave the salt out of the dumplings - it will pick up enough from the soup. Stop back soon - and leave a comment on a favorite Holiday Tradition you have!! ~Maureen


Kaytee said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Last year we started the tradition of doing an advent calendar with crafts, activities and outings along with Bible verses. This year your "gingerbread" houses will be added. Miss you all so much!

Hateriffic said...

Looks like a lot of fun.