Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you for your support at Snowfest!

Last weekend Heidi, Christel and I had a "Stampin'" booth at Snowfest in Wood Ranch Simi Valley - and what a great day we had!! Thank you to so many of you for stopping by and showing your support - we had some great sales, lots of entries for the SU giveaway - we'll be getting the prize basket to the winner from Simi Valley soon.  Mostly we loved chatting with each and everyone of  you about your love of papercrafting!!  Stampers are the BEST!!
Snowfest is put on by the Parks and Rec department each year.  I've never been before so did not know what to expect -but it was really nice.  I didn't walk around much, as not feeling great, but could tell it was a wonderful family event - snow on the hill, bouncers, food court, dance performances and lots of local craft booths.  Consider bringing your family out next year as I hope we'll be back!! ~Maureen

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Hateriffic said...

It looks great... I was going to go check it out, but I was home babysitting the whole day. I hope it was successful for you all.