Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beautiful Cards from Kathy....

So today I just have to share some beautiful cards I recently received from my dear friend and downline Kathy.  She volunteers to stamp a couple times a year with a local Cancer Support group.  They are a wonderful group of women, and I have had the honor of helping her out in the past.  A couple weeks ago we were scheduled to stamp again, but due to some recent health flare-ups I had to back out - which by the way is really tough for me to do.  But Kathy was so gracious and after the event was over - look at the goodies she dropped off.  The first card was to me just letting me know she cared about what I was going through - and it meant the world to me.
The second was a thank you for me letting her borrow a couple things for her event - of course that was my pleasure.
And the final one is a sample of the beautiful card they made at the event.  It was so very thoughtful of her to even think of me - let alone give me a sample of the card.  It all really made my day!!
You can see a gallery of her creations by clicking HERE.  Enjoy!!! and leave her a comment so she knows you stopped by :)  Thanks again Kathy!  ~Maureen 

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