Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Day of School cuties -

Finally getting around to sharing First Day of School pictures. So crazy seeing my grandbabies growing up sooooo very fast. Here are Prince and Paisley - all set in their new clothes with their new backpacks. Paisley is in 3rd grade and Prince in 1st - amazing!! Next I have a picture of Kamili and Makai - also looking adorable in their new clothes and back packs. Kamili is off to Kindergarten and Makai to her first day of Preschool. Can this even be possible? I'm still getting over the trauma of my daughters heading off to school and that was 27 years ago :) Praying for these little ones as they grow and learn - may God guide their little lives. I love them so.

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Penny Hanuszak said...

What cutie pies! Doesn't take long for them to grow up. Before you can blink they'll be graduating. TFS.