Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back from Michigan and Wisconsin

Paul and I are recently back from a wonderful vacation to upper Michigan and Wisconsin. It was our first trip back there together since my Mom passed away three years ago. We spent several days in Michigan seeing the sites and then traveled down to Wisconsin where we had a nice reunion with all of my family; and spent a couple days with Paul's Mom. I'm going to blog about this over the next week or so, as this blog has become a wonderful place for me to store pictures and memories and go back and refer to from time to time, so please bare with me. I plan to through in some stamping along the way :) These first two pictures were of the Great Lakes -this is Lake Michigan in the morning outside of our hotel - it was so beautiful. Next is Lake Superior on our drive over to Mackinac Bridge - it was breezy and there were some pretty good white caps coming in. I also wanted to share a picture of the beautiful leaves turning color. At the beginning of our trip the leaves were just starting to turn. Lots of green still with patches of gold and red - it was so nice. Then while we were there there was a freeze and a lot more leaves changed. When we were driving back to the airport in Minneapolis the trees were so colorful, but it was raining and I could not get a good picture to share. Then while we were down in Marshfield, WI we took my mother-in-law, Gloria, for a ride around the area. We went past the houses where they lived while growing up, and some of the places that they had frequented. This picture is Saketts Lake where Paul and his family have fond memories of picnics and family gatherings. It was so pretty and peaceful.Finally here is a picture of Paul and his lovely Mom Gloria at the lake. She is 91 years young and still going strong. I am so happy we had a few days to spend with her.

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