Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So a big part of why we took this trip to the midwest was for a family reunion in central Wisconsin with my brothers and sisters. We put it together kind of last minute, and it was after school had started, so not all the nieces and nephews made it - but those of us that were there had a great time. There are 9 kids in my family - so just us makes quite a crew :) Here are a couple pictures of everyone just enjoying each other and the day - This next picture is my family - seven brothers and one sis. They mean the world to me - each unique and wonderful - and since all but one lives in Wisconsin - I miss them all the time.
This final picture is of me and my big sis, Sharon - even though we're 2000 miles apart we are very close in heart.
Miss you and love you all!! Check back tomorrow for some stamping - and thanks for bearing with me as I shared these memories. Love, Maureen

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