Thursday, December 13, 2012

More on Lois' Tree

I wanted to share a bit more today on how I made this Christmas Bulb Tree for my Secret Sister Lois.  I found a picture of something similar on Pinterest and had to try it.  You purchase different sizes of coordinating bulbs and then put them on a knitting needle - yes you heard correctly :) - to make the tree.  I used an empty ribbon spool as my base - I put the needle through it and glue gunned it to hold it in place - then glue gunned that entire base to the center of my red charger.
Then after putting all the bulbs on the way I wanted - I created a tree skirt using our medallion die and some coordinating paper.  I put the skirt around the bottom of the tree and glued it in place. 
Then I used a stencil and traced and cut out two of the glitter stars for the top of the tree.  I used glue dots to secure each of the points together - then slid it down over the top of the knitting needle.  It was my first attempt, and not perfect - but I was happy with it and I hope Lois liked it.  A special gift for a special friend.  ~Maureen

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