Thursday, December 6, 2012

My WONDERFUL family....

We just had our family pictures taken again for the holidays - this has become an annual tradition and I LOVE IT!!  It can be a little chaotic with all the kiddos, but having the pictures makes me sooooo happy.  After pictures we all go out to dinner together and then home.  Here is the entire group.
Zamarah, Jenee, Paisley, Aaron, Heidi, Paul, Kamili, Makai, Prince, Maureen and Zavian
And here are six of my greatest blessings on this earth!  Talk about making me happy - just looking at this makes me smile.
Prince, Kamili, Zamarah, Zavian, Makai and Paisley
Come back tomorrow to see the wonderful Secret Sister and exchange gifts from our CSL Christmas party.  ~Maureen

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Christel said...

Great pictures of a wonderful family.