Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Last of my Birthday wishes....

So - I think this is it.  Sharing my last four handmade Birthday cards that I received.  Feeling so blessed!  This first card is from my downline, Michelle.  We've never met - but she has my style down to a tea - yellow, polka dots, sun rays - I'm in LOVE!!
This next card is from my downline, Shawna.  I love this color combo, and don't think I would have ever thought to use it. Gray and coral - so elegant - and tropical!  Loving it!
This next card is from my downline, Vicki D.  What a pretty summer feeling card - with all the beautiful hand colored flowers.  Makes me want to pick a bouquet!
And last, but not least - this beautiful birthday card from my downline, Virginia.  She cut out the florishy oval with the BigShot - stamped it in collage style, then put it back on.  Very clever.  Thank you all so very much for adding this creative beauty, and special wishes to my birthday this year.
They all meant the world to me, and encouraged me even more to get out there and send those cards to people - share the SMILES!!!  ~Maureen
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