Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings - Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women out there - especially to those who have been a part of my life.  You mean the world to me - and I hope your special day is wonderful!!
This has been a tough week for me - really missing my Mom in heaven this Mother's day!  Life is a bit overwhelming and what I wouldn't give to be able to sit and have a cup of coffee with her to discuss it all.  She was such a wise woman.
Also, missing my daughter Heidi, son-in-law and grandkids in California.  But I am fortunate to have hubby, daughter Jenee and her kids here with me - so am counting my blessings as I get to hug them.  Here they all are - sans son in law Aaron - he was probably hiding.
I'm so behind in life right now that no one got hand-made Mother's day cards from me this year (except Paul's Mom) - but I was able to do some stamping with the kids yesterday, so they could make cards for Jenee.  
They had such a good time - and are good little stampers.  I know their Mom will love the cards and their creativity.  Now on another note - you all know my addition to coffee - well - I guess my daughter's do too - here is part of what they gave me for Mother's day!  Heidi sent me the one on the left and Jenee gave me the one on the right this morning :)  They are just too cute!
My lovely goofs - Heidi and Jenee!

On a final note today - if your Mom is still alive - I ask that you please honor her.  It is a thankless job in so many ways (paying off with hugs and kisses) - but it's so nice for them to know that you appreciate all they do.  So now's the time, while you can - an extra call, card, flower, hug or kiss - do it!! Happy Mother's Day y'all!  ~Maureen
"Honour thy father and thy mother"

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