Monday, August 18, 2014

Technique Club - Shaving Cream

This month we did the Shaving Cream technique at club.  It is one of my favorite techniques (albeit a little messy) because each time  you do it, and scrape off the shaving cream it is such a surprise what you'll get.  This one was my second try - and I loved it.  Reminded me of a sky at sunset with wispy clouds.  The birds are nesting for the night.
Here's a close up so you can see the detail - really beautiful.
And here are two more examples that are two of my club members samples - see how different each one is.
It was really a fun technique - can't wait to make some pretty cards with this technique.  ~Maureen


Adrina said...

They are Beautiful. What Colors did you use on thuis one?

Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Adriana I used Island Indigo, Tangerine and Daffodil. Thanks!

sefees said...

These are beautiful. I'm thinking of trying it with my club. Can the shaving cream/reinker be "reused" for more than one card or do you have to start from scratch each time? Thank you!

Maureen Rauchfuss said...

Oh my - Just saw your comment from May - sorry. I can do a few from each shaving cream/inker application - each one is different. after about 3 it becomes to muddled.