Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fun Time In Arizona

We recently had an amazing vacation in Prescott, Arizona.  Most of you know we own a home that we plan to retire to there.  My daughter Jenee and her kids already live there.  So we took a week and relaxed and had time with family.  Here's a picture of me with my grand-daughter, Zamarah and Jenee at the local brewpub which is one of my favs!  Prescott Brewery - check it out if you're in that area.
And here's Paul with grandson Prince, and grand-daughter Paisley.  We had such a fun family night with them.
Paisley and Prince already started school last week - here is their first day of school picture!
While we were there we had several days of rain (it's Monsoon season there) dark clouds would roll in, and we'd have a good old fashioned thunder storm - I really miss those from our mid-West days.  Here's picture of what Jenee saw yesterday - a beautiful double rainbow!!!
Great trip, great time with family, and now back to real life :(  Oh well - someday!  Stop back soon for some more cards and stamping!  ~Maureen

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