Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twice Blessed!

So this past few months I have been doublely (not sure of that spelling:) blessed, with a brand new great neice Maggie, born to my neice Kelly and her husband Steve; and a brand new great nephew Mack born to my nephew Steve and his wife Robyn.  I've tried to crochet a baby blanket for each new baby - although depending on the stage of my life at the time I might have missed one or two :(  Anyway I wanted to share these two with you.  My grandkids love their giant granny square blankets and sleep with them all the time, so I hope Maggie and Mack like them just as much!  What blessings these little ones are.
Baby Maggie's gift
Baby Mack's gift

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Shari Winterstein said...

Congratulations Auntie! I used to make these same afghans and haven't picked up crochet needles in years and have been thinking about it again! Thanks for the inspiration and the blessing. :)