Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of the School Year celebrations -

It's that time of year again - last week all my grand-kids schools ended for the summer and that meant celebrations of many types. Paisley's class did an end of the year play/dance about the weather. Here she is in her WIND costume - she did such a great job!Then Prince got an end of the year award for Academic Progress - here he is proudly displaying his award certificate - way to go Prince!!And finally Kamili's pre-school class had an end of the year open house and fund-raiser. Here Kamili is with her pre-school teacher.Such a fun week of celebrations - next year Makai enters pre-school - so that will mean one more celebration :)


Shari Winterstein said...

I can't stand it - either those children have to come and live with me, or I'm moving in with them! I LOVE the pictures of your family. Thanks for blessing my day. :)

Dale Morin said...

Great pictures and beautiful children! Hope they have a wonderful summer.