Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gramma Day with Kamili

Last weekend I had my special day with Kamili - we headed off to Denny's for breakfast, then we went to "Paint a Dream" where Kamili and I worked together painting a kitten (that she named Frankenstein). She wanted to make a kitten as their family just recently added an adorable little tiger kitten to their home, but that one is named 'Feather'. So here we are painting - And here is Kamili in a close-up with her kitty - she painted it pink, yellow, green and blue - so cute. She didn't understand why we couldn't take it home, but Frankenstein needs to be fired, and when I pick her up next Thursday, she'll be all shiney and bright. Hopefully it will be worth the wait for her. She is such a cutey and full of energy and questions - we talked about everything from pets to fashion to God - what a great way to spend a Saturday.Then she wanted a pretzel and cheese for lunch, so we found one in the Mall, and here she is enjoying. Note the blue slushy drink on the table - This is how her tongue looked after enjoying it - sooo fun. We went to my house, and played with dolls and colored and played. She wanted to make a quick trip to her favorite store - Target. Then stopped by Frozen Yougurt and picked some up to take home to share with Mommy, Makai and Zavian. Such a fun day together. Next month - Makai's day with Gramma :)

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Michelle Jaramillo said...

Adorable! It sounds like you had a super fun day!