Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Convention Planning Meeting

Last week the group of Crazy Stamping Ladies going to convention had our second pre-convention planning meeting. We're so excited (especially now that we all go our preview catalogs), and we discussed flights, hotel, schedules, etc. We also made these little luggage tags to hang on our convention bags. Each lady got to pick their own colors of DSP, cardstock and ribbon - so each is unique. It's important to have something unique to hang on your convention bag, as all the bags look the same other wise and it's easy to lose yours :) Here's the front view of mine - And on the back - our contact info - just in case we misplace our convention bag. But I can't imagine that happening. Can't wait to see what this year's looks like!! I'm thinking natural colors like tan and green since our theme is "Grow". Woo Hoo - SLC here we come!

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Shari Winterstein said...

These are great tags. I know you all are going to have a fabulous time at convention. It's getting close! :)))))) Thanks for blessing my day. :)