Sunday, September 9, 2012

Downline Meeting Project

Last week at our downline meeting we made these adorable little Halloween pouches.  I saw the original idea here on Lorri Heiling's blog here - and changed it up just a bit to make it mine :)  We used a 4" x 6" piece of the newsprint paper (so you can get 6 of them out of a 12x12" piece.  Then with it horizontal on the table in front of us, just folded it almost in half leaving about a 1/2" hang over.  Then we put snail on the 1/2" flap and across the bottom, folded it up and voila - a pouch.  Next we used the scallop border punch to scallop the top, sponged it with Cajun Craze, added the spider webs and the little spider (or bat) tag and filled it with crimped fill and candy.
To make the crimped fill I cut tons of very thin little strips from Cajun, Purple and Black cardstock.
Grab several pieces and fold in half
Then crimp it by folding back and forth - each little section is about 1/4" or so -
Then I opened them back up a bit and tucked them in the pouches - how cute and simple is that.  Here are several all done up and ready for Halloween :)  Hope you enjoyed. 
Stop back soon.  ~Maureen

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