Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bleached Out Images

Our Club technique this month was "Bleached Out Images" - here is our technique card for our binders. 
Here is a close-up of the bleached out image.  I used the tips of a worn out blender pen (the ones that no longer blend), but you can also use a paint brush.  Gel bleach is a little easier to work with as it's a bit thicker and will not spill quite as easily.  I always use it when doing this at a workshop - just easier to handle.  Below you can see a close up of the image.  You can keep bleaching to get it all pure white if you want, but each color of cardstock bleaches out a little differently, and I like the different tones you get when you just put the bleach on and see what happens.  This coloring reminds me of stonewashed jeans.
Finally we always try to do one extra project, and I wanted to demo our little purse die.  It's pretty plain and simple due to time in our workshop, but I think it turned out cute.  Used the International Bazaar paper to add a pretty front to our little purses.  Stick some little candies in, and it's the perfect party favor!!
Hope you stop back soon!! ~Maureen

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