Friday, May 20, 2011

Employee Appreciation

As some of you know I work at a local Community College and I am the VP of our Classified Senate and a member of our Sunshine Committee. This past week was Classified Employee Appreciation week, and we wanted to do something special for each of the Classified employees at the college. Thursday we hostessed an employee break with juice, coffee and sweets. So to invite everyone we decided to do a "sweet" invitation. Our logo for the Classified Senate is a puzzle piece so we decided to go with that. Last Saturday Prince and I used a $ puzzle and took the pieces dipping the back of them (gray side) into our craft ink pads to color them. The gray side took the ink wonderfully and easily. They dried in just a few minutes. Here are all 150 - aren't they great :) Then to invite the employees we wrapped candy bars with the invitation to the "Sweet Break" and added the puzzle piece I think they turned out great - wish I would have gotten a picture of all 150 before we delivered. I really like how great inking the puzzle pieces worked out, so I'll be working on more great projects using them. If you use the idea - please send me a picture of what you make.


Shari Winterstein said...

What a GREAT idea and wow Prince you really did a lot of work helping Grandma. Can't imagine that everyone didn't feel special with these invitations. Thanks for blessing my day. :)

mackyton said...

Hey!! Your invitation idea is really wonderful. The candy packet with puzzle piece on it really sounds creative. Loved your idea. Want to arrange a similar event at one of event space San Francisco. Need to have lovely d├ęcor and other ideas for the day.

Unknown said...

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