Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

I just wanted to take a minute today to honor four of the most amazing Mom's I know - First my Mom. She's in this picture below with my sister and six of my seven brothers. We lost my beautiful Mom, Bernice, over two years ago - and I still miss her each day. She was an amazing women, one of the kindest, gentlest and loving people you could ever meet - and I'd like to think a little of that wore off on me. Miss you Mom!!The next person I want to honor is my mother-in-law, Gloria. She has been such a blessing in my life - a woman of God, so faithful in her prayers. She lives 2,000 miles away, but is always near in our hearts. I thank God for her and for the wonderful man she raised, that is now my husband.And finally I want to honor my daughters -Jenee - and Heidi - They are truly amazing women - wonderful Mom's to each of their three children. I am so proud that they are my daughters. God has richly blessed me, I am sure beyond what I deserve. Happy Mother's Day!!

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