Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Day with My Prince

Saturday was a Gramma day for Prince - we spent the day together doing what he wanted to do -which meant driving up the coast to a airplane museum at the Camarillo aiport - after going through the museum and seeing a lot of the history a docent took us outside to show us some more planes. Here is Prince in front of one of his Papa's favorite planes - And here I am with Prince inside the museum hangar - Next we had lunch at the little restaurant located on the airport and it was amazing. Prince wanted the double chocolate shake which they brought right out - and it was huge. By the time his lunch came out - he ate 1/2 a pickle, and a piece of bacon off my burger and was full. But the neat thing is that we sat next to a table full of air force pilots in their flying gear; and we sat outside and got to see the planes taking off and landing.Then we headed to Gramma's house for a couple hours of playing Wii before I took him home. He beat me in Mario Karts, Bowling and Tennis - yikes!! And I got a work out :) All in all it was a wonderful day. On the way to his house Prince said, "Gramma, today was a really nice day." How sweet is that. He is truly a sweetheart - and I'm so blessed to have him nearby.

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Shari Winterstein said...

You are such a wonderful Grandma and your grand children are very blessed. Thanks for sharing your day with your Prince with us. :)