Sunday, June 27, 2010

Father's Day Part II

As I mentioned, we spent Father's Day evening at Heidi's and Aaron's enjoying a backyard BBQ. Okay - so he's not anti-social - really :) Here is Aaron all by his lonesome at the end of the table. He was actually trying to stay warm, as it really cooled off as evening came. You can't see it, but there was a portable fire pit on the ground near his feet - keeping him warm. Hope he had a Happy Father's Day!And then - here are some pictures of Paul with his girls - Heidi and Jenee holding Zavian and Zamarah respectively. and the other four grand kids - Paisley, Makai, Prince and Kamili - I'm showing two pictures we took and you can see it is hard to corral 4 kids under 7 years old - so this was the best I could do. But Papa looks happy - we are sooooo blessed!

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