Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing Tooth...

Prince lost his first tooth today! It's been wiggly for a few days and the other tooth was right behind it pushing it out and today at lunch - we think he ate it :) It was in his mouth before lunch and then gone so that's all we can think of. Anyway - I was supposed to make his tooth fairy box - see this post but never got around to it - his Mom told him it was okay though - because this time there was no tooth to put in it. So she brought me some time to get the box done before he loses the next tooth. Here's a kind of freaky picture taken with Jenee's cell phone of his grin with a tooth missing. It reminds me of when I look close in a doorknob and my nose gets huge.

So Prince - I hope the tooth fairy brings you something great! Love, Gramma

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