Friday, February 5, 2010

Not so Great News!

Life Happens -

When I started this blog I said I'd be sharing a little about my life, my family, my stamping and my faith - so far it's been mostly my family and my stamping - but now I need to share a bit on my life and faith.

I wanted to let you all know some not so great news so you’ll understand why I am not posting as often; and why I am canceling some of my upcoming events. This week I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. They think they’ve caught it early – which is great news – but I will be having a complete hysterectomy. I meet with the Gynecological Oncologist next Tuesday to find out where, when, and the type of surgery they will do; as well as the anticipated recovery.

I am doing fine – I do much better with huge life issues than I do with the day to day crap (excuse my French). But I also have a lot on my plate with this, both of my daughters' pregnancies and trying to get my work ready at the college for me being off for awhile. Therefore I have decided to cancel most of my events for this month, including the Customer Appreciation tomorrow afternoon. I hate canceling things and that is why I waited so long, but I just can’t pull it together with everything else that is going through my head. I will certainly reschedule as soon as my surgery and recovery are over and we'll have a BIG celebration - so watch for details.

As of this moment I plan to still do my Downline meetings, my Stampers 10 group and any in-home workshops I have scheduled. But no Stamp Camps or Classes at least for February – then we’ll see about March. Of course I have no idea how this all will go, so please be flexible and I will try to keep you all up to date on what is happening. I will try to keep posting, as time permits, and will be offering some Stampin' Specials to keep my sales up during this time - so watch for those.

I covet your prayers and truly believe in a God that is bigger than this, or any other circumstance - so that gives me great peace. I'll keep you all up to date on how I am doing. Thanks for being with me on this journey. ~Maureen


Unknown said...

I was blog hopping and saw your post. Best of luck with the uterine cancer!

Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear about the news. My thoughts and prayers will with you. I had Endometriosis and had a complete hysterectomy at 29. Both my parents have passed away due to several types of cancer each. My hope is this: This too shall pass...