Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Better Everyday

Here is an amazing card Heidi made me using the new little butterfly embosslet from SU - I LOVE IT!! and it is my inspiration for a project I'll show you soon.

But today I'm showcasing it in honor of the fact I'm on my road to recovery. It's been a rough few days since my surgery last Friday.

For those of you who asked how I was blogging every day - those were scheduled ahead before my surgery. The wonder of technology.

I actually was in the hospital Friday by 11:30 AM for the surgery, but it got delayed and I didn't actually have it till Friday evening, and came home late Saturday evening. But after being off the IV drip - I developed a horrible migraine that caused me to throw up everything - I could not even keep down an ice chip, and was up all night in misery. First thing Sunday Paul got a hold of the Dr. and they got me anti-nausea meds that helped once I was able to keep one down, but I was not able to eat anything until late Monday. But since then every day has been a bit better. I've been able to eat a little, but mostly I'm up a few hours, then sleep a few hours.

The great news is that today I had the follow up appointment with my Dr. - and the news was wonderful. The pathology report was clear and he is as sure as he can be that they got all the cancer. Praise God! And the Dr. said my fatique is perfectly normal - each day should get better, and he encouraged me to not over due it, but just listen to what my body tells me. So that's my goal :) Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement - it has meant the world to me.

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