Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A New Miracle

Here she is....Zamarah Star Love Jones -
I know - it's a really big name for a little baby - and I have a feeling we'll be calling her Marah. Jenee was hoping for a Valentine's baby - but Zamarah had other ideas. Even though she went into labor on Sunday AM, Zamarah held off until 12:19PM on the 15th to be born. It was a pretty tough long labor for Jenee, but Zamarah wasn't turned right so very little progression was made. But at the end she turned and wham - bam she was here - only one push needed. She weighed 6#12oz and was 20" long. She is just a little cutie, but she is a cone head from being wedged in the cervix for so long - poor little thing. But so sweet!! In a little time that head will be all better.
Here's the proud mommy immediately after she was born - look at how happy. It's so amazing to me how you can be in so much pain, for so long, and once that little one is here everything changes.Here I am with Zamarah when she was about an hour old and had eaten and was content. Do I look exhausted? I was! I was there with Jenee at the hospital from 3:00 PM on Sunday until Monday evening after they got her all settled in her room, and she was able to get up and down on her own, etc. In this picture I had been at the hospital about 24 hours, and the only place for me to rest was a hard plastic couch with no pillows or blankies - needless to say the few times I dozed - didn't really do it for me. When I got home Paul had dinner ready (it was our Valentine dinner that we were going to make the night before). I ate and went to bed, and once my head hit the pillow I did not move until the alarm went off. In fact I remember lying down and realizing the light was still on, and I was going to get up and turn it off - but when Paul came in two hours later the light was still on. Guess I fell asleep immediately. I am still tired -but doing much better. Today Jenee will probably come home, and I have to go to the hospital to do all my pre-op for my Friday surgery - then back to work tomorrow.

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