Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Morning Musings!

So - I just have to say that I am Happy Happy!!! I won this grandfather clock on Wheel of Fortune back in the fall of 1988 and was so excited as I had always wanted one.  But since that time we moved, and moved, and moved, and moved and moved - and through all that it just quit working. It has not worked since we moved to Prescott last June and I was so sad.  So for Christmas I told hubby that all I wanted was to get my grandfather clock fixed.  The repair guy who came out in January needed to take it apart and the pieces back to his shop.  He completely cleaned it, and fixed and oiled it (we had never had it professionally serviced) - then he ran it several weeks in the shop to be sure all was working.  And yesterday it came home.  It sounds like heaven when the chimes play.  What a wonderful warmth it brings to our house.  Thanks for getting if fixed honey!!!
Another thing that just makes me happy are homemade cookies. The kiddos have been gone on vacation all week and were coming home yesterday.  So I made a batch of oatmeal, toffee, chocolate chip cookies and they are yummy!  I just love how they look in this vintage cookie jar that belonged to Paul's Gramma.  They just make me smile!!
Thankfully everyone got home safe and all is well.  So glad to have them back.  Here's a meme for all my friends and family who don't live in Arizona - 
One more reason to love Arizona - no changing of the clocks.  Just saying - ha, ha!!!  Stop back tomorrow for some more stamping fun and a blog candy giveaway!!  ~Maureen

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