Monday, September 21, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Fall decorating

So this last week we pulled out all my Halloween/Fall boxes and went through them.  We sorted and got rid of a bunch of stuff - but kept plenty to start decorating the house with some fall colors.  Fall is my favorite time of year and I love all the goldens and oranges and red and yellows of the season.  So we have fall decorations with some Halloween goodies to boot - enjoy!!
The wand tucked in was made by my daughter Heidi, The vinyl on the vase was from when SU carried that line, and the little birdhouse is all decorated with paper and made by my downline, Maria.
Candles - I love candles!! having them out on my coffee table just makes me happy!
Here is what I have burning on my kitchen island - it is an orange and spice candle and smells so good.
Here's our fireplace mantel - Frankie was made in a previous year's stamp camp, as was the framed art to the right, more candles, and this adorable little haunted house with a spinning ghost on the top.
This is what greets you at my front door.  I have a big witch's broom (that I have not unpacked yet :) but I hope to prop that just behind the green plant and add a few more pumpkins and mums.
This is in my front entry - the vinyl again is from when SU sold it.  The witch's hat - well that's in the current Holiday Mini catalog!!
and just in case you'd like to make one, and live in the local Prescott, AZ area - I'm having a class where we'll be doing these on Saturday, Oct. 3 - let me know if you'd like to join us!
The shadow box above we made at a stamp camp at Heidi's last year or the year before.  I added our paper spider webs to the front this year to give it a bit more dimension.
These are just two happy Halloween guys I have hanging around :)  The wine banner is also all Stampin' Up!
The picture above was given to me as a gift by a former Secret Sister - looks like I need to straighten that ribbon.
And I put a couple little Jack O Lanterns on the shelf by our family pictures.
This pretty spray with a cute little scarecrow peeking out, welcomes you at our front, and another at our back, doors.
Once October is over I'll take down the Halloween stuff and add in some more fall/Thanksgiving items.  It's a work in progress but so fun.  Puts me in the mood for warm sweaters, hot cider, fires in the fireplace and a good book.  See you all soon!  ~Maureen
Here is the order info on the witch's hat - click picture to order your kit!

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