Monday, September 28, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Retirement Life

So - whoever said retirement life was go to slow done - I am questioning that lately :)  But in a good way.  Between keeping house, unpacking, organizing, starting my Stamping business back up here, supporting my downline in a couple different states, keeping up with my personal card making, working in the garden, canning, pickling, crocheting, cooking, traveling, reading, business networking ......well, you get the picture.  My "to do" list actually seems longer than it ever did before - but now it is mostly fun choices - and that makes all the difference. 
So, it is fall - the weather is cooler, we're starting to pull out plants we no longer want, trimming back some we will keep but have become unruly, and reaping the final harvest from our garden.  Yesterday I decided the lavender I had hung to dry was ready - so we pulled out the bunches and I started stripping the stems. 
It smells so wonderful and from the 6 bunches I dried I got this much.  Next year will dry much more and a little earlier, as I think I got it after it's peak.  But this is all new to me so I am happy with the results.
There is enough here to fill six of these little sachets, and then I'll add a little peppermint and lavender essential oils and place them in our clothes closets and linen closets.  They will absorb moisture in the air, lend a nice fragrance to keep clothes and linens from smelling musty, and the peppermint keeps moths and bugs away.
I've got to say - busy or not - I am enjoying this retirement life!!  Hope you all get to enjoy yours someday too!!  But I'm really learning to live in the minute - none of us our promised tomorrow - so we need to be happy in the here and now.  Here's to a life filled with blessings!  See you soon!  ~Maureen

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