Monday, November 3, 2014

Personal Post Monday - Halloween Celebration!

So on Halloween we spent the evening at the Kings' house - she made an amazing Halloween spread including this "brain" punch -
 "brain" watermelon -
 and a "mummy" pan of brownie -
Their family dressed up in a Ninja turtle theme with "April" (Heidi), "Shredder" (Aaron) and the four little Ninja Turtles -
Here are the cutest little turtles I ever did see - Kamili, Zavian, Makai and Kyan. 
Couldn't spend Halloween with Jenee and the kids this year (first time ever :(  ) - but they had an amazing time trick-or-treating with 4,000 other kids at Mt. Vernon in Prescott.  Here is Jenee dressed up as a KittyCat!
And her kiddos Prince, Zamarah and Paisley - aka Luigi, Green Bay Packers cheerleader, and a French Maid.  So adorable!!
I love all the FUN associated with Halloween (but hate the evil stuff) - so am so glad everyone was safe, sound and had a great time!!  Stop back soon for more stamping :)  ~Maureen

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