Monday, November 10, 2014

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Zavian!

So last weekend I had my special day with this handsome young man - my grandson Zavian.  As usual he got to pick the day's agenda - so first off we had to go to lunch at Red Robin.  He ordered a corn dog, fries, and this vanilla shake with SPRINKLES!  Mmmmmmm~
Here's Gramma with her precious little guy -
Then we were off to Target to peruse the Skylander's display.  Apparently this is the HOT toy for little boys this Christmas season.  He was so excited having my undivided attention for 20 minutes straight while he told me all about the amazing characters and what they do.  Look at that smile!!
Then it was home to pick up Papa and draw in his "Gramma Day" journal  - then off to the park for some fun play time and to run off all that extra energy.  What a sweet little guy and a wonderful day for Gramma.
I don't think I ever posted what Makai painted on our Gramma day - so here it is - a cute little two piece Ice cream cone - she painted the entire thing herself - and it turned out great!
I am so blessed to be able to have these "special" days - and I don't take them lightly.  Tomorrow - back to stamping!! See you soon! ~Gramma Maureen

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