Monday, November 17, 2014

Personal Post Monday..... Kind of :)

Well - I guess this has a bit to do with stamping :)  Last weekend my daughter Heidi, our friend Christel and myself did the Simi Valley Snowfest Craft fair.  It is a wonderful family event with 80+ vendors and mountains of snow for the kids to play on - which was good because temperatures were in the mid-80's.
We had a great booth though with cards, papercrafts, homemade natural candles, body scrubs and bath bombs and more.
 Heidi set up our booth and it really looked great -
And we did pretty well - most every other vendor we spoke to sold little or nothing - but we did fine.  I think the heat was causing people to not buy - but our little nook was shady and cooler :)
 We also got several contacts for future workshops and stamp camps -
 And sold a bunch of cards and other items -
So like I said - a GOOD day!!  Those of you who live local - we'll be having a stamping open house and craft fair at my home on December 14 - so watch for details!! ~Maureen

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