Sunday, October 12, 2014

Personal Post Monday

So I'm going to try and have each Monday (maybe late Sunday) be my personal posts.  Some Monday's I might not have one - but it I do, that is when Ill try and post.  My family is so important to me - and even though stamping is my passion - I love looking back through my blog and seeing my family - so this is your warning - LOL.

It's FALL - I love fall - but this one in Southern California has been rough.  SOOOOOO HOT!! It's been over 90 (and near 100) more days than not the last several weeks - and this week will be a little better - but still not fall like.  But at least I can craft like it's fall - here are a bunch of my creations on display.
Also wanted to update on my last Gramma Day post - you can see that post HERE.  Last Saturday I picked up Kamili's painted creation and brought it to her at the soccer field.  Here she is holding her little owl - that she picked out and made for her mom.
Here is the close-up - she painted it all -except for the black - she had me do the eyelashes and the heart.
 She was all smiles after getting her owl.  Love this girl so much.
Today is my Gramma day with her sister Makai - so there will be pictures coming on my next Personal Post monday.  See you soon!  ~Gramma

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