Monday, October 20, 2014

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Makai

Last weekend I had a wonderful Gramma day with my adorable grand-daughter Makai.  I let her pick the restaurant for lunch offering up some great choices - but I could not convince her to go anywhere but McDonald's.  You can tell her Mom and Dad are not fast food junkies - because this was the best lunch she could think of because she never gets it -and she ate every bite!  Yes, I had their permission :)
Then it was off to Paint A Dream - where she picked a cute little trinket box to paint - shaped liked an ice cream cone.

We really had a great time - she is such good company with lots to talk about.  Then it was off to the store to buy some Granny Smith apples.  At home she and Papa peeled them, and then she and I made some delicious apple crisp - that we all ate warm with vanilla ice cream.
I had hoped to show you her finished product - but didn't get a chance to pick it up yet, so will need to share later.    Great day with you Makai - ;ove you honey - had so much fun - can't wait till next time!  ~Gramma

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