Saturday, October 18, 2014

Adorable little business card holder

So this month at my Leadership Team meeting we talked about what we want to do with our business and how to grow them.  One of the things every business needs is business cards - which hopefully we all have.  But we also have to get those cards out there - so we made these adorable business card holders. 

I CASED this idea from fellow demonstrator "Pootles" Sam Hammond Donald from the UK.  But I changed it up a little - here is my drawing of the pattern that we used to create this.  The dark lines are scored - the striped sections cut out, and the entire thing folds up to make this holder - a little tape, a few embellishments and voila!  It can be done in any color you like to match your own business cards.

So hope you like it - how about you make one of your own and send me the picture - I'd love to see your creation!
Off to create some more fun stuff!!  ~Maureen

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Jeri said...

Very nice Maureen.