Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleepover with the King Kids

This past weekend Papa and I had a wonderful sleepover night with the King kids.  We LOVE spending time with our grandkids - so whenever they are over it is a special time for us.  Heidi and Aaron had a much deserved evening off to go to dinner and see a movie -
Here's our youngest grandson, Kyan - just look at those big eyes.
He is such a happy baby - full of coos and giggles.  He's probably smiling because he's two months old!  Or maybe because he got lots and lots of Gramma holding and loving.
One of the highlights of sleepovers is Popcorn time - a family fav.  Here are Makai and Papa enjoying the treat.
And Kamili and Zavian full of smiles - think they were having a great time.
We played games, drew pictures, put puzzles together - watched the Very Hungry Caterpillar movie - and of course had popcorn and sparkling lemonade before bed.  This morning eggs, toast, strawberries and OJ.  Yum!!  It was supposed to be a new waffle recipe I got from my sister-in-law when we visited them last week.  It was the best waffles I ever had and you prep the yeast batter the night before.  So around midnight, I soaked the yeast, melted the butter, warmed the milk and was all ready to make the batter when I realized I had NO flour :(  Unbelievable - don't know how I ran out of that.  So waffles will have to wait.  ~Maureen

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