Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Convention Continued

A lot of you who follow my blog know that I LOVE clouds.  I tend to always look at the sky (better looking up than down - correct :)  Sometimes the cloud formations make just feel soooo close to God - and that's way these did.  I was really having trouble with my autoimmune - and walking was difficult - but then I looked up and saw this amazing picture in the sky and I felt such peace.  Isn't it beautiful?
Here's a quick picture of the note I left on the wall at SU's message room - It was really difficult to even find a small part of the wall that had not been written on - so I had to stand on tiptoes behind the door - but I did it.  The Crazy Stamping Ladies left their mark.
Finally a quick picture of all the new goodies I got to go home with - isn't that CRAZY!!! This is why you have to bring an extra suitcase when you travel to convention.
See you soon!!! ~Maureen

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